About Us

MediaTranslations is primarily a firm delivering subtitle translations. We deliver subtitles in all formats in line with the client's needs. Our services include translations to and from all major languages. These include some that are sometimes thought of as "exotic" in Europe, like Hebrew and Japanese.

Our translation services include:
A careful selection of translators suited for each particular material

Quality control of all materials – both audio and video

Language revision and proofreading
QC-ing of all translations

We work with trained educated translators and proofreaders in order to maintain the highest standards while meeting market needs.

We use the best technology available.
Material transfer to and from clients and translators via ftp.

We also deliver translations for voice-over and dubbing and other translations in line with client's needs, and if needed, we can also provide Croatian language revision services.

Other services:
Transfer of analogue materials from the BETA SP format to digital formats (mpg, mov, avi, wmv...)

Transfer of digital materials from Digi BETA, Imax BETA to digital formats (mpg, mov, avi, wmv...)

Recording, transfer of analogue (BETA SP) and digital (Digi BETA, Imax ) materials to digital BETA.

Subtitling of analogue and digital materials and recording in digital BETA and/or digital formats (mpg, mov, avi, wmv)

Offline video editing

DVD authoring

Blue Ray authoring


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence